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Covid-19 vaccination campaign: center to send additional storage equipment to states starting tomorrow


Beginning December 10, the Center will ship additional vaccine storage kits to states and territories in the union as preparation to begin the vaccine campaign is in full swing. Three candidate vaccines, including those from Pfizer, Serum Institute of India, and Bharat Biotech. , have requested an emergency use authorization. While the Central Organization for the Control of Medicines Standards reviews the applications, the Center prepares the preliminary work for the delivery of vaccines.

According to the Ministry of Health, the current cold chain system consists of 85,634 equipment for the storage of vaccines in approximately 28,947 cold chain points throughout the country. The number (85,634) includes all auxiliary equipment, as well as cold rooms, transport box, etc.

The Center had already asked states and UT to evaluate their cold storage requirements, whether they needed additional cold rooms, freezers, freezers, ice lined refrigerators, etc., as current equipment is also used for other immunization programs. .

Supply will start from December 10, the ministry reported.

The current cold chain is capable of storing an additional amount of the Covid-19 vaccine needed for the first 3 million people: healthcare workers and frontline workers, the ministry said.

This is what we know about the vaccination campaign

> Healthcare workers will receive vaccine injections at first following frontline personnel. People with comorbidities will then be prioritized.

> All three groups can be vaccinated at the same time, depending on the availability of the vaccine.

> In the first month, there may be a limited supply of vaccine, but in subsequent months, the supply will increase

> It will be a voluntary exercise.

> Of 2.39 lakh vaccinators (nurse midwife assistant), 1.54 lakh will be deployed for Covid-19 vaccination

> At present, there are 13 immunization programs in India.

> The Center is finalizing a vaccination POE with contributions from the states.

> Center will launch the Co-WIN application to monitor the entire process. People will be able to register for vaccination through the application.

> In each session 100 people will be vaccinated. It will take at least 30 minutes to complete the vaccination process for each recipient.

The Ministry of Health has also focused on five principles to carry out the vaccination campaign: one, orderly and smooth implementation driven by technology; Two, do not compromise existing health services, especially national programs and primary care; Three, use the experience of elections and the universal immunization program; Four, ensure the participation of the people; Five, no commitment to scientific and regulatory standards, other standard operating procedures.

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