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‘We need to be united,’ says Muslim who donates billions worth of land for temple expansion


The decision of a Muslim businessman to donate 1.5 guntas (approximately 1634 square feet) of prime land, worth between Rs 80 lakhs-1 crore, to expand a Hanuman temple on the outskirts of Bangalore has received many praise from netizens and residents of the city.

HMG Basha, a businessman involved in freight transport services, saw that the devotees of a small Hanuman mandir located next to his three-acre land in Valgerapuru of Hoskote taluk were struggling to accommodate the growing number of devotees. The temple trust planned to expand the temple but did not have sufficient funds. Basha showed her willingness to donate land to the temple trust. The land has a high price because it is adjacent to the road.

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Although the temple trust was seeking only about one gunta (1089 square feet) of land, Basha decided to donate 1.5 guntas of land estimated to be worth Rs 80 lakhs-1 crore. Later, he transferred the land to the temple trust at no cost. A grateful trust has put up banners thanking Basha and her family for their kind gesture.

Speaking to the media, Basha said that “Hindus and Muslims have lived together as one since time immemorial. Today, there is a lot of talk about divisive things. If we want to progress, we must be united as a country ”. Neighbors of Hoskote have praised his gesture. Basha’s move and the flexible banners put up by the temple trust have gone viral with netizens and others praising Basha.

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