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Sharing PDF files from newspapers is illegal | India News


Early in the lockdown, many of those who missed the morning paper or had security concerns began reading PDF files from The Times of India ePaper shared on social media groups. But even after studies have shown that newspapers are safe and do not spread the coronavirus, many continue these illegal downloads despite warnings from experts that this could invite legal action against administrators of such groups and members. by WhatsApp.
Chief Supreme Court attorney Pavan Duggal says circulating paid content without permission violates the law. “If a digital edition is distributed without the permission of the owner, it is a violation of the Copyright Act, as well as Section 43 of the Information Technology Act, which clearly states that if you try to destroy, Eliminating or altering any information residing in a computer resource, or reducing its value or usefulness, is illegal. This person will be responsible for paying damages as compensation to the affected person. ”
This way of reading newspapers is also risky because it opens up the possibility for someone to manipulate the content of the newspaper. A third party who circulates the paper without permission can even manipulate and alter the content. This can lead to a host of legal and credibility problems, and could make one more susceptible to reading the fake news that newspapers are trying to avoid.
This practice not only impacts readers by opening them up to inaccurate or altered information, it also negatively impacts newspapers and the state of journalism. Newspapers are in the business of aggregating audience through newspaper content. But if this content is available outside of newspapers, be it WhatsApp or Facebook, it can harm the business of journalism and the jobs of many reporters, editors, photographers, designers, and many others who work together to produce the newspaper.
So if you don’t want to devalue the hard work that goes into creating this credible and diverse content or inviting civil and criminal charges, make sure you don’t click on that PDF.

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