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Railways slow down the creation of new non-safety related jobs | India News


NEW DELHI: The Railroad Board has asked zone general managers and all production units to freeze the creation of new positions, except for security jobs, until a new order is placed. It has also asked them to give up 50% of the existing vacancies, in categories other than security.
In their letter issued Nov. 24, the Railroad Board has instructed GMs to review positions created in the last two years and where no recruitment has been made against these positions, they may review them for delivery.
Sources said this is being done for two reasons. First, it is necessary to rationalize the workforce and second, to overcome the difficult fiscal situation.
The Board had issued a similar letter in July asking the zones to begin the exercise and submit a compliance report by July 10. Top rail officials had claimed the move was to “correct size and not downsize” and the positions to be delivered were created in the past two years and have yet to be filled.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Railways said streamlining vacancies and managing expenses is an important exercise that all organizations do, including those of the Government of India. “This inside note should be seen only in that context. It should be noted that Indian Railways is in the process of conducting an examination for the selection of a record number of vacancies totaling almost 1.4 lakhs. The selection process is starting from December 15, 2020 in which more than 2.4 million candidates are expected to participate, ”he said.
The official added that Indian Railways is also gradually completing training and adherence to the ALPs. This is also expected to be completed in August 2021.

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