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Post-Doklam, China Develops Military Camps in Deep Areas Across LAC | India News


NEW DELHI: China has been developing several military camps in its deep areas throughout LAC since the Doklam crisis of 2017 to improve its preparedness during military conflicts, government sources said.
China and India have been locked in a bitter confrontation throughout LAC in eastern Ladakh from April-May this year. Soldiers are likely to remain deployed to the forbidden heights during the long, harsh winter ahead, as the two nations have yet to agree on the modalities for troop withdrawal.
“The Chinese have been developing military camps in their deep areas throughout LAC. Around 20 such camps with some civilians have been observed in these places as well,” government sources told the ANI news agency.
The sources said that these camps can help Chinese troops to patrol their LAC side more effectively, as well as react faster to developing situations in the border areas, they said.
The Doklam crisis of more than two months took place in 2017 when India opposed the construction of Chinese roads in areas of Bhutan, which would have given them access near the key chicken neck area that connects mainland India with the Northeastern states.
The position taken by India was applauded by the world community, as it was probably the first time that a country had faced China militarily on territorial issues.
In Ladakh, the Indian side has far overcome Chinese aggression.
About 50,000 Indian Army soldiers are deployed in a high state of combat readiness in various mountainous locations in eastern Ladakh in subzero conditions.
The Chinese have also deployed about 60,000 troops backed by heavy artillery, missile forces and armored regiments. Meanwhile, India has moved its power to the highest battlefield in the world and has deployed three mountain warfare divisions on the front line.
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