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Modi’s government does not understand the D of democracy: Brinda Karat


Criticizing the BJP government in the Center for not listening to the voices of farmers, Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Brinda Karat said on Tuesday that the Modi government does not understand the D for democracy.

Stating that the country’s farmers do not want reforms, Karat asked “for whom is the central government bringing reforms?”

“Democracy begins with the D and the Modi government doesn’t even understand the D of democracy. This government does not understand the meaning of democracy. Who are reforms for when farmers say they don’t want this? “Karat said.

Claiming that the central government wants multinational companies to take over all agricultural trade, he said the reforms have been carried out for the well-being of large corporations.

“The Modi government wants reforms for large corporations. The government wants the reform of the big multinationals to take over all trade. The government wants to reduce the minimum price of living that a Kisan requires in any democratic country. These are not reforms, this is destruction, ”Karat said.

“The BJP has shown its true colors. The reality is that it is not just the opposition parties, it is the people of India who support the farmers. Unlike this government, the people of India understand what the future of our country will be if farmers are oppressed in this way, “he added.

This occurs in the middle of the ‘Bharat Bandh’ convened today by the thousands of farmers who since November 26 have been protesting at different borders of the national capital against the agrarian laws, recently approved by the central government.

The leaders of the farmers’ groups have held several rounds of talks with the government, but so far they have not been conclusive. After the fifth round of talks, the Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar called another meeting on December 9.

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