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Farmers protest old-fashioned by union to create criminal confusion: Union Minister MA Naqvi | India News

NEW DELHI: Minority Trade Union Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has called the ongoing farmers’ strike a traditional union experiment to create “criminal confusion” in the country. On the other hand, the Narendra Modi government believes in negotiation and not confrontation, he said.
Speaking to timesofindia.com on Tuesday, a day when farmers’ unions had called for a Bharat Bandh, Naqvi said this kind of experiment was not happening for the first time in the country.
“The defeated forces carry out this kind of experiment every few months against the Modi government to get publicity. You pitey flees (defeated) hain political players, ”he said.
Naqvi accused these “political actors” of questioning all the laudable decisions of the BJP-led NDA government, such as surgical strikes, implementation of the GST, measures to combat COVID-19, the purchase of Rafale and the like.
Congress first claimed that GST was originally its initiative. Also in the case of farm laws, they first said they were theirs. However, when these measures were successful, the party began to confuse the people so that the Modi government would not take the credit.
“Their strategy is to create confusion when they can’t convince people of their point of view.”
Naqvi said that the Modi government, however, was always in favor of negotiations and talks and not confrontation.
It has launched various welfare measures for the empowerment of farmers, such as crop insurance, electricity, agricultural reforms. “Farm laws also serve to empower farmers. But the union is hell-bent on sowing confusion in its traditional style, ”he said.
Naqvi also compared the farmers’ protest to Shaheen’s unrest and said a similar pattern could be seen between the two events.
The minister said there is a long history of such unrest controlled by outside forces. He said that the ‘losers’ among politicians and activists deceive naive people and then hijack the unrest. Their strategy is to confuse people if they can’t convince them.
“These losers open the door to protests from innocent people. Then they push them through the exit door and close it, ”he said.
The minister said that the innocent women at the Shaheen Bagh protest were confused by outside forces. They were confused when told that the Modi government would introduce a National Citizen Registry (NRC) after CAA.
Naqvi said they have adopted the same modus operandi in the case of farm laws. They confused farmers by telling them that the minimum support price (MSP) would be abolished and their lands would be taken away, he said, adding that the Modi government has taken extraordinary measures for the well-being and empowerment of farmers.

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