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Congress Says BJP Misrepresents Its APMC Poll Promise | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress on Tuesday accused BJP of misrepresenting its electoral promise on CMPAs, as it demanded that the government hold a session of Parliament to repeal controversial farm laws and discuss farm reforms.
At a press conference at the party’s headquarters, former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that the three laws went against the interests of farmers that had led farmers down the path of unrest. He said the bandh called by the farmers was a complete success and showed that popular sentiment was against the three controversial laws.
Accusing the BJP ministers of smearing the farmers’ agitation by claiming it was financed by foreign forces such as Pakistan and China, he demanded that the saffron party apologize to the farmers.
Hooda criticized BJP for citing Congress’s 2019 manifesto to claim that it had planned to eliminate the APMCs. The former CM said the promise actually meant that the CMPAs, to be called a farmers market, would be further strengthened and brought to even smaller parts of the states to reduce the logistical burden on farmers of transporting their produce to the large APMC.

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