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AAP Says CM Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi was placed under house arrest; BJP and police disprove claim – delhi news


The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) alleged on Tuesday that Delhi police held Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal “virtually” under house arrest since he returned after meeting with protesting farmers camped at the Singhu border on Monday afternoon. Police denied the claim, saying there was only one “general deployment” outside the CM residence, and that their movement was not impeded in any way.

Chief AAP spokesman Saurabh Bhardwaj said Tuesday morning that no one, not even domestic staff, had been allowed to leave or enter the official MC residence since Monday, and Kejriwal had to cancel all meetings scheduled on Tuesday. This, he claimed, was being done following the instructions of the Union Interior Ministry to prevent the prime minister from joining the farmers in calling for a Bharat Bandh to oppose three contentious agricultural laws they want to repeal.

“On a day when the whole country is supporting farmers in Bharat Bandh, the central government’s Home Office has asked the Delhi Police not to allow Kejriwal to leave his residence. Yesterday, when Kejriwal along with all his cabinet colleagues, went to the Singhu border to meet farmers protesting as a sewadar (volunteer), the central government was shocked. It’s like the way they got angry when Kejriwal didn’t allow the Delhi police to turn nine stadiums into temporary prisons for farmers, ”he said.

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He also said that a protest by the mayors of the municipal corporation of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other leaders in front of the CM residence on Tuesday morning was a tactic to keep Kejriwal confined.

Shortly after Bhardwaj’s press conference, Special Police Commissioner (Law & Order) Satish Golcha called the AAP’s claims “totally unfounded and unfounded.”

“There are absolutely no restrictions. The CM has been making regular commitments and has moved out of residence for any commitments, ”said Golcha.

The problem was more or less exacerbated when Senior Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia and AAP MP Lok Sabha Bhagwant Mann were in a sit-in in front of the CM residence after dramatically attempting to break through the barricades and into Kejriwal’s home along with several workers. of the party.

The police detained them, saying that only Sisodia and elected representatives would be allowed because entry to the CM residence is based on a prior appointment, except during public hearing hours, which last approximately one hour every day. The AAP leaders, however, demanded everyone’s input. While the protest in front of the CM residence continued, the police allowed all party workers to enter the premises around 5.30 pm.

Kejriwal addressed the meeting shortly after, saying that he could not join the protesting farmers. “I congratulate the farmers and people of the country who made this Bharat Bandh a success. Just like yesterday I went to the Singhu border, I had planned to go to the border as a sewadar today too, to peacefully sit with the farmers. But I suppose that they (the central government) understood my planning and consequently they didn’t let me go, ”he said.

Kejriwal added that the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah will meet with farmers later on Tuesday, with another meeting scheduled for Wednesday. “I hope that the central government will finally accept the valid demands of the farmers,” he said.

When contacted, the police said they cordoned off a small part in front of the CM residence for security reasons, as the mayors and councilors of the three corporations governed by the BJP continued in a sit-in protest for the second day in a row over alleged quotas. unpaid to DCMs. On Tuesday, they were joined by more BJP leaders, including MPs Meenakshi Lekhi and Parvesh Verma.

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Police said security was tightened to prevent clashes between workers from the two parties.

Police Deputy Commissioner (North) Anto Alphonse said the AAP workers accompanying Sisodia were detained because they did not have an appointment. “However, we did not prevent anyone from meeting with the CM. We were in continuous contact with the CM office, and when they were asked to come in, Sisodia and other AAP members were allowed in, ”he said.

Police also released a CCTV video that apparently showed Kejriwal visiting a hotel on Monday night, and claimed that the CM had attended a wedding there, to back up their claim that there was no impediment to his movement. The Delhi government spokesman did not respond to a query about the images released by the police.

Kejriwal’s proclamation of the Bharat Bandh failed. So he pretended to be under house arrest while the entrance to his house remained open throughout the day. On Monday night, he went to the Singhu border and attended weddings. After doing everything, today you are not going to leave the house because you will have to face the leaders of the municipal corporations. CM Kejriwal is not under house arrest, he is resting at home, ”said BJP’s Meenakshi Lekhi.

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