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One killed when BJP workers clash with police in Bengal, party summons North Bengal bandh on Tuesday | India News


SILIGURI: Police fired tear gas projectiles and used water cannons on Monday to quell a violent protest called by Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) against the Mamata Banerjee government during which a BJP worker was killed, authorities said.
Several protesters and police personnel were injured in clashes.
The BJP alleged that a party worker identified as Ullen Ray was “beaten to death” by police during a truncheon charge. However, the police claimed that there were no latex charges and that the cause of the protester’s death was being determined.
The BJP condemned the police action and demanded the imposition of the president’s government in West Bengal in view of the “breakdown of law and order”.
The party convened a 12-hour bandh in North Bengal on Tuesday.
BJP workers were seen fighting pitched battles with the police after they were prevented from passing barricades at two points near the ‘Uttarkanya’ branch office during the rally called to protest TMC’s “misrule”.
The BJYM, the youth of the BJP, led by their boss and Lok Sabha member, Tejaswi Surya, held two protest marches claiming that the state government had not kept the promises made to the people of North Bengal and that the benefits of the wellness plans failed to reach the common man.
The police used water cannons and exploded tear gas bombs to prevent the protesters from marching towards the secretariat and were stoned.
The rioters also set fire to some bamboo barricades.
State BJP Dilip Ghosh, who led a demonstration in Fulbari Bazar, one of the two access points to the secretariat building, said the government was “using coercion” because it feared the rise of the saffron party in West Bengal.
A second rally, led by the party’s national secretary general, Kailash Vijayvargiya, and BJYM president, Tejaswi Surya, broke the first two layers of the police cordon near Tinbatti further, about 1 km from Uttarkanya, but was unable to pass the third. The police doused the protesters with colored water.
According to BJP sources, Vijayvargiya and Surya had to be escorted to their vehicles by their security guards after the former fell ill.
Ghosh later claimed that a party activist, wounded in police action, had succumbed to injuries at a local hospital.
“One of our party activists, Ullen Ray, who was mercilessly beaten by the police, died in a hospital here. Many other BJP workers have been injured and are being treated at the hospital,” Ghosh said.
However, the police rejected the accusation and claimed that no charges had been brought.
“Today in Siliguri, supporters of a political party committed serious acts of violence during their protest program. They resorted to arson, bricks, gunfire and vandalism of government property,” West Bengal police said. in a tweet.
“The police showed restraint and did not charge lathicharns or use firearms. Only water cannons and tear gas were used to disperse the violent crowd. However, one person was reported dead. The body is being sent to PM (post-mortem). The actual cause of death will be known only after the afternoon. ” he said in a series of tweets.
Speaking to reporters later, Vijayvargiya demanded the president’s rule in the state, claiming that “law and order have collapsed.”
“There is a criminalization of the police in West Bengal. The way they carried out a brutal attack on peaceful protesters shows that the state machine has become totally politicized,” claimed the West Bengal watchdog of the BJP.
Tejaswi Surya alleged that the police threw stones and were joined by “TMC thugs” who dropped crude bombs.
“This ‘tanashahi’ (dictatorship) cannot continue. We ask all democratic forces to join hands to dislodge this tyrant and undemocratic government.”
BJYM state president Saumitra Khan said at least 50 protesters were injured and threatened to launch an agitation against “police atrocity” across the state.
TMC senior deputy Sougata Roy insisted that the police showed restraint by not resorting to shooting despite the serious provocation.
Roy alleged that the BJP was repeatedly trying to create unrest in the state on behalf of the democratic movements. He said that while it was unfortunate that many BJP workers were injured, the situation had gotten out of control.
In October this year, similar clashes broke out between the police and BJP supporters during the ‘March on Nabanna’, the secretary of state in the Howrah district.

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