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No information on the meetings of the group of experts on vaccines, says the Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: In response to an appeal on an RTI request, the Ministry of Health has said it has no information on the exact dates, agenda, minutes and records of the meetings of the National Group of Experts on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 (NEGVAC).
This response was given by the ministry’s first appeal authority on November 26 in response to an appeal filed by activist Venkatesh Nayak. The FAA order also said that the central public information officer was not aware of any other CPIO that could provide the requested information.
The ministry’s immunization section, in response to Nayak’s RTI request dated September 30, had provided details on October 29 on the composition of NEGVAC and the group’s terms of reference. However, in copies of minutes on meeting dates, detailed agenda circulated among members, presentations made, and minutes of expert group meetings, the CPIO said that the information did not fall within the scope of the “definition of information” according to the RTI. Act.
Nayak had also searched all official records, including paper and electronic records that included any assistance, advice or communication received from any authority in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for review by the expert group. In inquiries about the details of the fees and other remuneration or allowances payable and those actually paid to the president and members of the group, the CPIO said the information was not available with the immunizations section.
Not satisfied with the response, Nayak filed an appeal on November 2 stating that the CPIO did not provide the requested information. The FAA order of November 26 said that the CPIO, DNK Kutumba Rao, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, had said that it did not have the information requested in the RTI application.

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