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No decision has been made to support ‘Bharat Bandh’: BCI | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Council of Lawyers said on Monday that it has made no decision to support “Bharat Bandh” by farmers and that fake news is being spread on some social media platforms on the matter.
BCI President Manan Kumar Mishra told PTI that a meeting was held on Sunday and that the bar body asked the Center to make the necessary amendments to the new laws relating to farmers.
“The adjudication of farmers’ complaints must be examined by a special court chaired by an acting judicial officer (not below the rank of additional district judge).
“Farmers should be free to hire the lawyers of their choice. There should be a deadline for the decision of this forum. Appeal against the order / decisions of such forums may be preferred to the higher courts.” the supreme body of lawyers said, adding that it has not made any decision to support “Bharat Bandh” on Tuesday. Some fake news is circulating on some social networks about it, “said the BCI, maintaining that it has already informed all the State Bar Councils that there is no decision to support Bharat Bandh.
Representatives of thousands of agitating farmers, who have been sitting at various borders in the national capital since November 26, have said that their call for a ‘Bharat Bandh’ on December 8 will be observed in full force.
Meanwhile, supporting the farmers’ protest in the national capital, the Delhi Bar Association (BCD) said it was “astonished” at how the Center, without arguing with the farmers, as well as representatives of the Bar Association, has proceeded to enact the farmer. bill.
In a statement issued jointly by the BCD and the Bar Association Coordinating Committee of all district courts in Delhi, he called the bill “unreasonable”, “arbitrary” and “unfair”, “anti-farmer”, “anti-public” and anti defenders and supposedly intended to benefit large commercial companies.
According to the statement, the coordinating committee called for a protest Tuesday against the Farmer Bill at all district court complexes.
“The legal fraternity fully supports the farmers’ demand and urges the government of India to consider the genuine demands of the farming community. The legal fraternity is in awe of how the government without arguing with the farmers as well as the representatives of the Bar has gone ahead to enact the Farmer’s Law.
The legal fraternity after examining the bill has founded it as unreasonable, arbitrary and unfair and, therefore, it is anti-farmer, anti-public and anti-defenders and aims to benefit large commercial companies ” the statement said.

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