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JK Employees Union Locks Horn With Srinagar Mayor Over Forced Retirements


The Jammu and Kashmir Employees Joint Action Committee has said that Srinagar Mayor Junaid Mattu’s plan for the forced retirement of employees who have completed 28 years of service in the municipal corporation is unacceptable.

Mattu, who took back the reins of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation after winning a vote of confidence last month, said he seeks the enactment of the provisions of Article 226 (2) to remove dead wood from the SMC.

“With a view to promulgating the provisions of Article 226 (2) of the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations to remove dead wood, I am writing to the Government to conduct a performance review of all SMC officers and employees. who have completed 48 years / 22 years of service, ”Mattu tweeted on December 4.

The tweet drew a strong response from J & K’s largest employee body.

Rafiq Ahmad Rather, chairman of the Employees Joint Action Committee, said that the Law mentioned by Mattu cannot be used arbitrarily.

“SMC employees have been working in extremely harsh and adverse working conditions. Article 226 (2) must not and cannot be used arbitrarily at will, ”he said, adding that SMC employees have been doing a tremendous job, be it winter or summer.

“SMC has always been at the forefront in solving people’s problems. The mayor is trying to threaten employees, which is not good, especially those employees who are known for their dedication and good work.

Shah Fayaz, chairman of the J&K Employee Coordination Committee, called it an attempt to make lower-level employees a scapegoat.

“Employees at the bottom rung are always scapegoats for the system, SMC employees tested in any situation, 2014-2020 floods … Mayor of Covid Sahab begins the same exercise from the administrative level,” Shah tweeted in response to Mattu .

Last month, the government of Jammu and Kashmir had decided to prematurely retire an employee, the first such case in the newly formed union territory, more than a month after framing new rules to lay off government employees after have completed 22 years of qualified service or reached 48 years of age.

The Jammu and Kashmir School Board of Education (JKBOSE) had issued a notice to one of its Class IV employees, Fayaz Ahmad Siraj, to withdraw from his services as he had completed his 27 years of service on October 14. .

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