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BJP Cites 2019 Congressional Manifesto, Says Their Stance on Farm Laws is Opportunistic | India News


NEW DELHI: The BJP on Monday attacked Congress and other opposition parties for protesting the new farm laws, saying their actions were opportunistic and driven by growing desperation over the loss of elections. Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Congress’s “double standards” were exposed as the party’s 2019 manifesto had clearly promised to amend the Agricultural Products Market Committee (APMC) law.
“The opposition parties have gotten into the issue, but during the UPA government, they did exactly what the Modi government is doing today for reforms in the agricultural sector. Now that they are losing elections, they participate in any protest for the sake of their existence, ”he said.
Prasad said that opposition parties were misleading farmers and people about agricultural sector reforms, adding that the Center was committed to the welfare and well-being of farmers. “Our government, through laws related to agricultural sector reforms, has been finding ways to improve the lives of farmers and make them more progressive and provide more opportunities to prosper and grow,” he said.
“The fact is that the agricultural sector reform laws are in the best interest of our farmers,” he added.
He said that the opposition parties were losing their relevance and being marginalized, and were trying to create a false narrative and trying to build a false movement. “We have seen this over and over again, be it at the time of the Section 370 protests, the anti-CAA protests and the Shaheen Bagh protests,” he added.
Prasad said that before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Congress had promised to repeal the APMC Act.

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