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‘Will the Center fully fund the vaccines?’ Amarinder Singh writes to PM, seeks priority assignment for Punjab


Punjab Prime Minister Captain Amarinder Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday asking for clarification on funding for the Covid-19 vaccine and also urging him to prioritize Punjab for vaccine allocation. The CM has said that Punjab has a higher mortality rate due to the age profile of the population and due to high comorbidities.

Singh said the vaccines currently being considered may not reduce transmission, but will aid in prevention. Therefore, the best use will be to prevent serious diseases in the most susceptible groups, the elderly, whose population is high in Punjab.

A statement issued by the CMO said that the CM has also sought clarity on whether the Covid-19 vaccination would be fully funded by the Center, including the cost of vaccines and vaccination supplies.

Singh also sought to find out whether the definition of frontline workers for immunization purposes could be expanded to include administrative officials and other essential personnel. How the general population will be vaccinated, whether those who have ever been infected with Covid-19 are eligible for vaccination are some of the issues on which Singh sought clarity.

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