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Energy demand in Delhi increases due to early winter


Falling temperatures in the city have seen winter power demand exceed that of the corresponding period last year, discom officials said.

The onset of winter in Delhi is reflected in the city’s energy demand. Peak power demand in November 2020 exceeded peak power demand of November 2019, an official at BSES Discom said.

“Delhi’s peak power demand in November this year was 3,678 MW (November 20) compared to last November’s peak power demand of 3,631 MW (November 15). In addition, it exceeded the energy demand of November 2019 in 15 corresponding days, ”he said.

Also in the first five days of December, Delhi’s peak power demand has been higher than December 2019 peak power demand on the corresponding three days. A similar pattern was also seen in October, authorities said.

The October demand (4820 MW) this year was more than 4605 MW in the same month last year. In addition, it was higher than the corresponding 17 days in October last year, said the BSES official.

The maximum demand for energy in the national capital this winter can reach 5,480 MW, exceeding the winter demand of last year. Last year, it had peaked at 5,343 MW, he said.

The peak winter power demand in the BRPL and BYPL areas had reached 2020 MW and 1165 MW respectively last winter. This year, it is expected to reach 2,200 MW and 1,270 MW for BRPL and BYPL respectively, he said.

“Reliable supply at any time of the year depends on adequate power distribution, an accurate demand forecast, and a strong distribution network. In all these aspects, the BSES breakdowns are totally oriented to guarantee an adequate energy availability during the winter months ”, said the BSES official.

The arrangements include long-term power plant agreements. In addition, BSES is also receiving more than 190 MW of wind energy, 25 MW of waste to energy and 70 MW of solar energy from SECI. It is also supported by more than 90 MW of rooftop solar panels in south, west, east and central Delhi, he added.

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