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‘Dummy’ gets 39 votes, mom loses by only 32 | India News


HYDERABAD: A TRS candidate lost the polls because of her son. BJP’s ML Reddy defeated ML Goud by just 32 votes in the BN Reddy Nagar division on Friday. While the defeat by a narrow margin was indigestible for her, what surprised her most was the fact that an independent candidate garnered 39 votes. These votes could well have gone in her favor, since the independent candidate was none other than her son Ranjith Goud.
As a political strategy, both mother and son submitted their nomination papers. This cost the mother dearly. “If the party leadership had made Ranjith withdraw in time, our candidate could have come home,” said a TRS official. She looks for the vote count. She has accused the scrutineer of being biased towards the BJP candidate.

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