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Delhi: 11% of negative symptomatic cases in rapid antigen tests found Covid-19 positive in RT-PCR


Almost 11% of people in the national capital who tested negative for Covid-19 on rapid antigen tests (RAT) but had symptoms of the disease were found to be affected by viral infection in the polymerase chain reaction. with reverse transcription (RT-PCR) Test between September 1 and November 7, according to official data.

Of the 56,862 symptomatic patients who tested negative in rapid antigen tests, 32,903 were re-tested by RT-PCR and 3,524 of them tested positive for Covid-19, according to data shared by health authorities in response to an RTI query submitted by a PTI. reporter.

In order to effectively curb the spread of coronavirus infection, the Union Ministry of Health in September asked all states and territories of the Union to compulsorily retest all symptomatic cases found negative for Covid-19 in rapid tests of antigens through RT-PCR so that no positive case is lost. .

For Delhi, the case positivity rate in RT-PCR, which is considered the gold standard for the detection of Covid-19, was 20.97% in September, while it was only 4.77% when it comes to Rapid Antigen Test, based on RTI response.

In October, the positivity rates for (RT-PCR) and rapid antigen testing were 16.76% and 4.58% respectively. Between November 1 and 7, the rapid antigen positivity rate was 8.16% while for RT-PCR it was 27.2%

According to RTI’s response, out of 27,533 rapid antigen test negative symptomatic cases in September, only 4,597 were retested by RT-PCR and 623 tested positive for Covid-19. The following month, 24,737 of 26,316 symptomatic negative cases were retested by RT-PCR and 2,300 were found to have contracted the virus.

Between November 1 and 7, health authorities retested 3,569 of 4,013 symptomatic rapid antigen-negative test cases and 601 were found to be infected with Covid-19, the RTI response revealed.

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah chaired a high-level meeting on November 15 and gave 12 instructions, following a further increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the national capital.

However, there has been a decrease in the number of coronavirus cases in recent days in Delhi and the capacity of the city to perform RT-PCR tests has increased significantly.

On Saturday, the national capital registered 3,419 new coronavirus cases, bringing the infection count to more than 5.8 lakh, while the death toll rose to 9,574 with 77 more deaths. New cases came out of a record 81,473 tests, including 35,352 RT-PCR tests, and the positivity rate dropped to 4.2% from 4.78% the day before.

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