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BJP wins 6 out of 9 seats in UP MLC polls | India News


LUCK: Two staggering victories and a painful setback summed up BJP’s performance in the MLC elections in Uttar Pradesh, in which the saffron party won six of the nine graduate-teacher constituencies where it had run candidates, Pankaj Shah reports.
After an 80-hour marathon of vote counting, BJP’s Avnish Kumar Singh emerged victorious Sunday in the Lucknow graduate constituency by a margin of 6,403 votes against MLC Kanti Singh, whose family had held the seat for 18 years. . In Meerut, another graduate constituency dominated for 24 years by Madhyamik Siksha Sangh’s Hem Singh Pundhir, BJP candidate Dinesh Goyal won by a whopping 28,769 votes.
While the BJP victories in Meerut and Lucknow ended the decades-long dominance of the family satraps, there was heartburn and introspection as the party’s top brass rallied Sunday for the loss of three-time MLC Kedarnath Singh to Party rookie. Samajwadi, Ashutosh Sinha in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Varanasi Parliamentary Constituency.

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