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BJP expects early resolution of agricultural unrest: Shahnawaz Hussain | India News


JAMMU: BJP leader and former Union Minister Shahnawaz Hussain on Sunday expressed hope for an early resolution to the ongoing agricultural unrest against the country’s recently introduced agricultural laws and said his party fully sympathizes with the agitated peasantry. .
However, he claimed that farmers are being “misled” by some vested interests.
Farmers have been protesting at different borders in the national capital against the three recently enacted farm laws that the government has said will give farmers more freedom and avenues to sell their produce and increase their income.
Speaking to the media here, the BJP spokesperson said: “Several rounds of talks have been held with them (farmers) and we are hopeful that the problem will be resolved soon. We live in a democracy and we have not taken away the right to protest from anyone ”.
He said that the BJP government has full sympathy for the protesting farmers and is holding talks with them.
“The farmers are ours, we are theirs. The way our government has worked for the benefit of farmers over the last few years, no government has ever done it, ”he said.
“We are working to ensure that their income is doubled, and we have initiated various schemes for their welfare and even transferred money to their accounts which had happened for the first time in the country,” he said.
Without identifying anyone, he said that the BJP understands that the protesting peasants are being “deceived” but that “we are going to be able to convey the correct message to them. Several rounds of talks have already been held with them.
When asked about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterating his cooking to agitated farmers, Hussain said the country should not have interfered in India’s internal affairs.
“Congress itself is in trouble. Whoever is in trouble should take care of themselves first,” he said, responding to a question that Congress was suggesting that BJP’s policies were “concerning” to farmers.
“They won 19 seats out of the 70 (they contested) in the recent Bihar (Assembly) elections and barely won seats in the local elections in Hyderabad. Congress is used to asking questions on all subjects. They talked about demonetization and got the response from the UP electorate during the assembly elections at that time, ”he said.
“It is Congress that is in serious trouble and not the farmers. Don’t take the game seriously because we’re not taking it seriously either, ”he said.
He said: “Congress is almost dead. It is against our culture to speak (of someone dead). There is no internal democracy in the party and anyone who speaks against it is deviant, ”he said.
He said 23 congressional leaders, including former J&K Prime Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad, were sidelined for speaking out against the party’s leadership recently.
“Most of the leaders of Congress are slaves of Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi and her daughter Priyanka. Anyone who talks about internal democracy in the party is obliged to keep quiet, ”he said.

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