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Bengal government distancing itself from the rule of law: Governor | India News


CALCUTTA: West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar alleged on Sunday that the Trinamool Congressional government is distancing itself from the rule of law and that the government in the state is “moving away” from the path of the Constitution.
He said that “a great blow is being dealt to the soul of Dr. BR Ambedkar”, the chief architect of the Constitution of India.
“I am deeply disturbed, concerned, concerned and hurt that the government in West Bengal is straying from the path of the Constitution,” he told reporters after paying tribute to Ambedkar on his death anniversary.
“He is distancing himself from the rule of law,” said Dhankhar, who has disagreed with the Trinamool congressional government since taking office in West Bengal.

It is time to “ensure governance in accordance with the Constitution and make the police and administration politically neutral,” the governor said on Twitter later that day.
“The position of CS & DGP @WBPolice that does not respond by ignoring legal responsibility, the letter and the spirit of the Constitution is fraught with serious consequences,” he said.

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