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3 gold seizures in 3 days at Patna station confirm new smuggling modus operandi


For the third day in a row, the Patna arm of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) recovered smuggled gold on Saturday from the possession of passengers traveling on long-distance trains bound for Delhi, prompting the increasing use of the Indian railways for metallic gold smuggling and smuggling. in sharp focus.

In the last and third incident, a resident of Maharashtra was detained at the Patna railway crossing from the Dibrugarh-Delhi special train and 26 gold biscuits of foreign origin, weighing 4.3 kg and worth more than 2 million rupees were recovered from his possession on Saturday night. said an official familiar with the events.

A day earlier, on Friday evening, the DRI team had arrested two people from 02423 Dibrugarh-New Delhi AC Special and recovered from their possession 12 gold biscuits of foreign origin weighing 1.99 kg, valued at more than Rs 1 crore added.

And on Thursday, the DRI team arrested two people, including a woman, from the 02549 North East Festival Special train and recovered three foreign-sourced gold bars weighing 1,496 kg. Those arrested were identified as Afroz Amirullah and Mohammad Shamad, both residents of Mumbai, who were traveling in the AC-2 compartment of the train bound for Delhi.

Back-to-back seizures have revealed that smugglers from states such as Maharashtra, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are increasingly using long-distance trains to smuggle gold into Delhi and other parts of the country, the previously quoted official said.

The intensified screening at airports compared to the absence of luggage scanning and other security features at most of the country’s train stations has led smugglers to rely on rail routes, the official added.

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The suspect, arrested on Saturday, was identified as Sanjay Katkar, a resident of Sangli in Maharashtra, and was picked up from compartment B4 of the Dibrugarh-Delhi special train. In his statement, registered under section 108 of the Customs Law, he said that the gold had been smuggled from Myanmar to India.

The official said the two defendants arrested a day earlier on Friday were identified as Sunil Lun and Ravi Chug, both residents of Thane in Maharashtra. Ravi was riding in the A-1 car, while Sunil was riding in the H-1 compartment of the train. The gold was found hidden in the waistbands worn by the duo.

They were unable to produce any valid documents showing legal importation, possession and transportation of the gold bars, valued at Rs 1.1 crore by a government value appraiser, he said.

“Acting on the basis of specific intelligence, developed very meticulously and painstakingly over days, detectives from DRI’s Patna Zonal Unit detained two people at the Patliputra train station when the train arrived,” the official said.

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Intelligence data indicated that gold bars recovered with foreign markings had been smuggled into India from Myanmar through the international land border at Moreh in Manipur by a smuggling syndicate operating out of Guwahati.

Intelligence officials say rail routes are becoming popular with smugglers as it not only provides them with a safe and unguarded passage, but also allows them to change drivers, carriers and routes to avoid being tracked.

The DRI has also intercepted a person identified as Kishan Lal from Madhya Pradesh near the Patna crossing. They found him loading a 2.99 kg shipment of heroin, worth 15 million rupees.

An RPF official said smugglers disguise marijuana as baggage.

“Most of the time, marijuana is smuggled into general stalls. As they are crowded, nobody notices the extra luggage ”, he added.

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