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To ensure peace, Khalsa Fauj forms a security ring in Singhu


Nihang Sikhs or “Khalsa Fauj” took over the security of the farmers at the Singhu border on Friday night, saying they had not come to fight but to ensure peace.

Occupying one side of the Sonepat-Delhi highway, right next to the police barricades, the men in blue robes and large turbans with a chakra (round and sharp weapon) around, and armed with swords, said they had taken up positions on the barricades forming a wall between security personnel and peacefully protesting farmers.

Camping with 50-60 horses, brought to the Singhu border by trucks from Kudhiana, Ropar and other areas of Punjab, and a northern goshawk, the bird known as the baaj in Punjabi associated with the 10th Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh as a symbol of strength. and tenacity: the Nihang Sikhs said that their presence symbolized security and protection.

“Now we have camped right at the barricades through which the police force is deployed. If they need to communicate with the peaceful protesters, they will have to come through us. Nihangs means safety and security. We are here to provide security for our people and we do not mean to hurt. We do not support violence in any way, ”said Gurdeep Singh, a member of the group, from Ludhiana.

Condemning the violence that left many protesters injured on the first day of the unrest when the police prevented them from marching into the city, he said Nihang’s groups spread across the country and met when necessary. “We do not want the violence to be repeated. Our men from Delhi, Haryana and many parts of Punjab join us. Currently we are about 500, “he said.

The horses are tied up next to concrete barriers set up by the police. On a pole in the middle rested the bird, around which the Nihangs were busy preparing their meal for the day. The area where they cook is considered sacred and no one but a Nihang can approach the place.

Another Khalsa fauji (warrior), Aman Singh from Ropar, said his fight was not religious. “We are here to fight for the rights of our people. We have weapons but we will never resort to violence. Weapons symbolize security. Our presence means that no one will be oppressed or mistreated ”.

Another nihang, Satnam Singh Baaghi, who joined the group from Maharashtra, said more will come. “Our number will only increase. We will only move forward, ”he said.

Singh said they were watching out for any antisocial elements that might try to smear the peaceful protest. “Our men are vigilant and we keep an eye on anyone who looks like an outsider. They are intercepted and only allowed in after their credentials are verified, ”he added.

While the Nihangs were seen only on the Singhu border in notable numbers, at the Ghazipur protest site also the participants seemed concerned about antisocial elements.

Digambar Singh, 40, a farmer from Bijnor and chairman of the UP unit of the youth wing of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, said: “People are trying to politicize the protests. We have had political cadres and sports caps from farmers’ organizations to mislead the public and convey their agenda. Our volunteers strictly monitor who is doing what at the protest sites. ”While addressing the road rally, Singh told farmers that they should be vigilant and not allow anyone to harm the legitimacy of the agitation.

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