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The vaccine should be given free to all: Nawab Malik | India News


MUMBAI: One day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an all-party meeting on Covid-19 vaccination in the country, Maharashtra Cabinet Minister and PNC Leader Nawab Malik said that the Covid- 19 should be administered free of charge to all citizens of the country.
Speaking to ANI, Malik said: “The Prime Minister held a meeting of all parties and now they say that the State and the Center will decide the price, how can it be? In Bihar, they have given the assurance that vaccination will be free . the vaccine on demand must be administered to every Indian free of charge. ”
During an all-party meeting on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi informed opposition leaders that the Center is in talks with all state governments about the price of the vaccine and that the decision on the price will be made in keeping with the public health as the maxim. priority.
He said a Covid-19 vaccine is expected to be ready in the coming weeks, and as soon as scientists give a green signal, vaccination will begin in India.
“Central and state government teams are working together for vaccine distribution. India has the experience and capacity in vaccine distribution and performs better compared to other nations,” said PM Modi.
“As soon as scientists give a green signal, vaccination will begin in India. Medical care, front-line workers and the elderly suffering from serious diseases will take priority in vaccination,” he said, asking for suggestions from party representatives.

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