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The participation of the prime minister drives the meeting of the chiefs of police | India News


NEW DELHI: Despite the ‘virtual’ mode of this year’s chiefs of police conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured their full participation by dedicating a good 15 hours of his time to the ongoing deliberations that conclude on Saturday reports Bharti Jain.
Since 2014, he has attended all the business sessions of the DGPs / IGPs conference, unlike previous years when PM participation was limited to one direction. This year too, he has attended virtual sessions that last 3-4 hours each night. The change since 2014 has facilitated one-to-one interaction of UT heads of state and police with the prime minister, resulting in a convergence of views on crucial security and surveillance challenges and the emergence of recommendations. feasible, an official told TOI.
With the conference being held in ‘virtual’ mode, officer participation has increased, with staff from police stations and the district level also participating, so that it has a broader base. The active participation of the PM has seen a change in the format, place and topics covered. Targeted follow-up and implementation of the finalized recommendations has improved the efficiency and functioning of the police across India, officials said. It was at Modi’s direction that the conference venue was moved out of Delhi. Since 2014, the meeting has been held in Guwahati, Kutch, Hyderabad, Tekanpur, Kevadia, Pune and now in virtual space. The number of sessions and topics increased significantly since 2014. In addition to discussing national security issues, the focus has been on improving policing on the ground, community policing, law and order, and enhancing the image of the police.
Personal follow-up by PM has resulted in a notable improvement in the implementation of the recommendations in recent years.

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