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People have the right to protest peacefully: UN spokesperson


Authorities must allow people to exercise their right to demonstrate peacefully, UN Secretary-General’s spokesman António Guterres said of the farmers’ protest in India.

When Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, was asked about the farmers’ protest at a daily press conference on Friday, he replied: “On the question of India, what I would tell you is what I have He told others in raising these issues that people have the right to demonstrate peacefully and the authorities must allow them to do so. ”

The journalist who asked the question also claimed that the farmers involved in the protest were being greeted with “repressive measures” and this was related to democracy in India. Dujarric responded by saying, “We want people to have a voice in their lives.”

Trudeau was the first world leader to comment on the farmers’ protest and said in a Facebook video interaction on Tuesday that the situation in India was “worrying.” On Friday, the Foreign Office summoned Canada’s envoy, Nadir Patel, and told him that comments by Trudeau and Canadian lawmakers had the potential to “seriously” damage bilateral relations.

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