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One day after a gang of robbers was arrested, MP police ask villagers to share details of their children


Madhya Pradesh police on Saturday asked residents of three villages in Rajgarh state district to share details of their children outside of their homes or they will face harsh action. This came a day after Delhi police arrested a gang and arrested five people for causing local children to commit wedding robberies in the National Capital Region and some other large cities.

The 26-year-old alleged gang leader has told investigators that villagers “rented” their children between the ages of 9 and 15 for a year for 10 to 12 rupees for the robberies. The gang would allegedly use them to steal items at weddings. “Gang members used to train these children to mingle with people at high-profile weddings,” said Delhi Additional Police Commissioner Shibesh Singh. He added that they have arrested two minors.

A Madhya Pradesh police officer, who did not want to be named, said more than 15 children from three villages left in August and September to join the gang. He added that his parents and other villagers refused to accept this.

Madhya Pradesh police were tracking these children. “We have not yet received any communication from the Delhi police,” said Bhopal Division Additional Director General Upendra Jain.

“We have registered six cases against parents in the last two years for giving their children an annual contract with gangs. Now, we have asked the local Pachore police station in Rajgarh to obtain all the details of the children, who are not present in the three villages … We will crack down on those who do not share the details.

He said they were running a campaign with the help of the district administration to bring these children into the mainstream. “We enroll them in schools and we also advise their parents. Many people have abandoned this old profession of wedding robbery, but some people are still involved in the robberies. ”

Child rights activist Prashant Dubey called on the state government to take further corrective measures to save these children. “A lot of children are becoming part of these gangs, as not only the parents, but the villagers get good money from the gangs to keep it a secret. The police must keep proper records of children and other people. Regular monitoring of the movement of these children is very necessary. ”

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