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NHAI suspends the rights of the developer of the Panipat-Jalandhar highway for breach of various charges | India News


NEW DELHI: The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) took over the toll on NH-1’s Panipat-Jalandhar stretch on Saturday, a day after suspending all developer rights due to several breaches by the private actor. The 6 lanes of the 291 km NH section have been delayed for nine years.
An NHAI official said that M / s Panipat-Jalandhar NH-1 Pvt Ltd (formerly called M / s Soma Isolux NH-1 Tollway Pvt Ltd) was in continuous breach of its obligations regarding operation and maintenance, street lighting , signage, payment of authority share in fees charged, completion of balancing work and lack of improvement of safety standards.
He said the dealership was previously given multiple opportunities, but to no avail, and finally on Friday suspended the dealer’s rights, including the right to charge the user fee. NHAI has hired a new actor to collect the user fee and to carry out routine maintenance and operation activities, including incident management.
“If the concessionaire does not take corrective action within the deadline, the contract will be terminated,” said a senior NHAI official.
The NHAI had given the work to extend the stretch to the developer in May 2008 and it was scheduled to be completed in November 2011. The NHAI had issued interim approval for the collection of tolls in September 2015. Officials said as of now 3% of the work involves around Rs 300 million still to be completed.
Sources said the dealership has stopped paying Rs 945 crore to NHAI on the additional concession fee form, breach of maintenance obligations and NHAI expenses to perform road maintenance and lighting work.
NHAI officials said that in the past seven years, 900 people lost their lives and another 11,820 were injured on this stretch.

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