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Lawyer writes to AG asking for consent to initiate contempt proceedings against Prashant Bhushan


A defender has written to Attorney General KK Venugopal requesting his consent to initiate criminal contempt proceedings against activist lawyer Prashant Bhushan for his comments made during a recent newspaper interview.

Lawyer Sunil Kumar Singh’s letter stated that Bhushan’s November 29 interview makes a “hint that the Supreme Court of India does not function impartially.” According to the lawyer, the content of the interview was prima facie “stubborn” and a “rude insinuation against the entire superior court.”

“This is a rude insinuation against the entire Supreme Court, that the Supreme Court of India is not an independent and impartial institution, but is willing to bow down to the government. It is very objectionable and bold. It is a malicious attack on the honorable Supreme Court, ”the letter said.

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The lawyer claimed that such statements were “bad fide and were motivated to denigrate the highest judiciary as part of an orchestrated campaign.” “The statements made by Prashant Bhushan are very serious in nature. They are in bad faith and are motivated to denigrate the higher judiciary. The insinuation against the entire Supreme Court of India that it is not an independent and impartial institution but that it is willing to bow to the government is clearly calculated to undermine public confidence in the independence and impartiality of the Supreme Court of India, ”said the letter.

Calling Bhushan a “chronic contender”, Singh said that even though there are many contempt proceedings before the Supreme Court pending against him, he is not giving up on making “irresponsible, disparaging and stubborn statements” against the honorable judges of the court supreme.

Earlier, the attorney general had refused consent to the commencement of criminal contempt proceedings against Bhushan over his tweets criticizing the Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde receiving a special helicopter from the Madhya Pradesh government, said the activist-lawyer later expressed regret.

On August 31, the Supreme Court imposed a “nominal fine” of Re 1 on Bhushan after he was convicted of criminal contempt for his two tweets against the judiciary, noting that he was “showing magnanimity” rather than imposing severe punishment. .

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