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‘Join the service only after ensuring self-protection’: Tripura government doctors appeal to their co-workers


Protesting against the alleged attacks on doctors during their service and claiming that they had not been guaranteed any security, Tripura government doctors called their co-workers online to be on duty only after guaranteeing their protection by themselves and resist insults from outsiders.

The appeal was made after a doctor, Dr. Tamal Sarkar, was attacked by some people at a Khowaion hospital on Thursday, after he refused to visit a patient outside the hospital during his hours of service at the hospital. .

The All Tripura Government Physicians Association (ATGDA) made this appeal via social media recently and stated that since doctors are responsible for providing adequate health services to patients in hospitals, so does the government You have a responsibility to ensure the safety of physicians. They also claimed that such assault on doctors also occurred in different hospitals at different times.

The medical association asked its members to mentally prepare to protect themselves, as the administration is busy doing much more vital jobs.

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“You all need to prepare yourself mentally while working in a government hospital, so that anyone can come and slap or hit you at any time for any or no reason. If you silently accept such an insult, then do a government service. Otherwise, quit your job and join politics, participate in elections, do business, or open a paan shop or whatever. Your dignity will be maintained. No one will slap you, ”the ATGDA wrote on Facebook.

“If they cannot guarantee the protection of health workers, then it is our misfortune. We have accepted this disgrace and that is why we will no longer appeal for this (security) to anyone, ”said ATGDA.

They also said that if healthcare workers do not feel safe in their workplace and cannot provide services to patients, hospitals with tiles, modern equipment, medicines and loud speeches could not improve health care services for people. .

However, they also added that the government or administration will take legal action against doctors if they are found to do something wrong or show negligence towards their duty.

The Director of the Directorate of Health Services, Dr. Subhasish Debbarma, said: “The chief physician in question presented a case in this regard. He also sent me an incident report today (Saturday). We will send the same to the state government. They will decide their course of action. ”However, he said he is not aware of any such posts on social media.

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