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Jewelery worth thousands of rupees disappear from Bangalore-bound couple’s billing bag, hosted FIR


A couple of passengers, who traveled from Darbhanga to Bengaluru aboard Spicejet flight no SG-494 on December 2, alleged the theft of gold jewelry worth almost Rs 5-6 lakh from their checked luggage. Durgesh Kumar, a software engineer, along with his wife Nikeeta and a child, were flying to Bengaluru from Darbhanga airport on December 2 when the lock on one of their luggage was broken and jewelry was stolen from the box. The couple discovered the theft only after arriving in Bengaluru.

Jaiprakash, a relative of Durgesh from Muzaffarpur, has filed an FIR (545/2020) at the Sadar Police Station in Darbhanga. When contacted by the house officer from the Sadar police station, Girija Baitha said that the police were investigating the case. One case has been registered under section 379, 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

However, he said that the CCTV footage at Darbhanga airport did not provide many clues as the surveillance camera could not cover the area beyond the baggage drop point after scanning. It is unclear what happened thereafter.

Durgesh had previously complained to the Bengaluru airport police in this regard. However, they responded that the jewelry was not stolen from the airport after reviewing surveillance footage at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru.

The Bengaluru police concluded that the jewelry could have been stolen from the bag during the transit of the luggage after the scan was carried out at Darbhanga airport.

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Meanwhile, Durgesh, a native of Motihari, claimed that he had no doubt that the jewels could have been stolen by unscrupulous ground personnel at Darbhanga airport. The lock was broken and the Spicejet luggage tag was stuck on it.

“During the security scan at Darbhanga airport, concerned staff assured me that it was quite safe to carry the jewelry in checked luggage. He did not ask me to fill out any declaration forms about it. There were a couple of ground crew members listening to our conversation, ”he joked. The FIR also mentions the names of six ground crew members who were on duty.

Darbhanga airport was launched quickly and not all strategic points have been brought under the cover of the surveillance area, the passenger alleged. According to an informed source, at smaller airports after luggage scanning, the responsibility for transferring the suitcase from the terminal to the cargo rests with the personnel of the aircraft in question.

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