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Incarcerated Saradha’s boss writes to PM, CM; says many political leaders took money from him | India News


KOLKATA: The first defendant of Saradha Ponzi scam, Sudipta Sen, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, alleging that several influential people, including prominent political leaders, have taken away “financial advantages” .
In his letter, a copy of which is in the PTI, Sen, who is still on trial in the multi-crore ponzi scam case, asked the CBI and state police to take action against all those who have taken money from him. .
“Respected Sir and Respected Madam, I, Sri Sudipta Sen, owner and director of the Saradha Group of Companies, want to say that there are many influential people who have benefited greatly from me. No action has been taken.
“The list includes some political leaders from the CPI (M), BJP, the Congress and the Trinamool Congress. I request the CBI and the state police to take the necessary measures against them,” Sen wrote in the letter, dated 1 May. December.
The prisoner without trial, currently housed at the Presidential Correctional House here, said that he had also previously informed the CBI and West Bengal Police about the matter, but no action was taken.
“I had told the CBI about all this. It pains me to see that those who are talking about high morals have actually misled the poor … I request the CBI and state police to investigate the matter properly,” he said. in the letter, which was presented as a request from a prisoner for later presentation to the PM and CM of Bengal.
Undoing Sen’s accusations, CPI (M) leader Sujan Chakraborty said: “This is ridiculous … The leaders of Congress and the CPI (M) are the ones who have been fighting for the cause of the people who suffered losses due to Saradha’s scam. ”
Congress said “cheap politics” was being practiced to smear the party.
Echoing Congress and the CPI (M), the BJP state leadership also sniffed “dirty politics in the whole thing,” but said the CBI will unearth the truth.
TMC leaders declined to comment on the issue.
A senior prison official said the letter had not yet been filed with ADG (Correctional Houses) Peeyush Pandey, according to the mandate.
Pandey, when contacted, refused to give information about it.
The Saradha group has allegedly defrauded thousands of people in West Bengal through its ponzi schemes. Billions of rupees were lost after the company collapsed in 2013. Its promoter Sudipta Sen and Debjani Mukherjee were arrested the same year in Sonmarg, Kashmir.

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