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Hyderabad and Delhi Airports Ready for Covid Vaccine Transport | India News


NEW DELHI: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating that a Covid vaccine could be ready in a few weeks, air cargo services from Delhi and Hyderabad airports are set to play a pivotal role in its distribution over time and temperature. last generation. sensitive distribution systems.
According to Delhi Airport, it has two cargo terminals with world-class infrastructure that provides a GDP (Good Distribution Practices) certified temperature controlled facility for handling temperature sensitive cargo.
With the capacity to handle more than 1.5 lakh metric tons of cargo per year, the Delhi airport facility has state-of-the-art temperature control zones with separate cold rooms ranging from -20 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius, which which would be extremely conducive to the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Delhi airport authorities said that in addition to the cooling chamber, it also has “cooling platforms” on the air side that ensure an uninterrupted cooling chain during the movement of temperature-sensitive cargo between the terminal and the aircraft.
“The terminals have separate dedicated gates for the rapid movement of vehicles transporting vaccines in and out of the airport. In accordance with the vision of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to create metropolitan airports as transshipment hubs, Delhi Airport has established a Center for Dedicated Transshipment Excellence in an area of ​​6,500 square meters in the area of ​​operations that will aid in the rapid movement of vaccines through transshipment, “said a Delhi airport spokesman.

The Delhi Airport QR code-based e-Gate Pass facility will provide an automated process for paper documentation and reduce the human interface, speeding up the movement of imported vaccine deliveries.
In particular, in the recent past, the Delhi airport had acted as a hub for distributing millions of PPE kits across the country.
Meanwhile, GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo (GHAC), located in the center of one of the vaccine production regions in the country, is also a key player in global vaccine logistics with facilities such as modern temperature-sensitive pharmacies and zones storage and processing of vaccines. .
“GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo boasts of having India’s first Pharmaceutical Zone with GDP certified temperature controlled facilities for handling temperature sensitive cargo. The terminal is equipped with various temperature zones from -20 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. degrees Celsius and with state-of-the-art technology – Art equipment and cold containers to meet specific product requirements, ”said a Hyderabad airport spokesman.
The spokesperson stated that the cargo parking stalls are only 50 m from the terminal, which minimizes the exposure time of the ramp and ensures a quick turn of the aircraft.
The airport also recently launched the latest dollies to eliminate temperature fluctuations and keep the cold chain uninterrupted.
The GHAC also boasts of having one of the largest warehousing facilities in India for cold containers such as envirotainer, c-safe, unicooler and vaqtainer within its facilities to make sure the service is available to customers 24×7.
GHAC has also taken several paperless initiatives such as electronic reception, e-OOC, e-LEO, e-AWB among others to minimize the human interface.
During Covid, the GHAC operated 24/7 to provide a seamless air cargo service delivering medical supplies and perishable goods to frontline warriors.

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