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GHMC Election: Why TRS May Need the Support of Others to Win the Office of Mayor


Telangana Rashtra Samithi has become the largest party in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Council election by winning 55 districts out of 150. The BJP won 48 and AIMIM finished third with 44.

But TRS may need the support of others to keep the office of mayor.

This is how the mayor of GHMC is elected

> In addition to the 149 candidates who won on Friday (the result of a seat is pending), there are 52 ex officio members who will vote for the mayor. These ex-officio members are MLC, MPs from Hyderabad.

> Of these 52, seven are not eligible to vote this time because they have voted in suburban municipalities. The rule is that ex officio members should not have voted in the same capacity in the last six months. This brings the number of ex officio members to 45.

> Of these 45, 31 belong to the TRS, 10 to the AIMIM, three to the BJP and 1 to the Congress.

> 150 elected members and 45 ex-officio members bring the total strength of the GHMC to 195. To obtain a majority, 98 votes are needed. With 55 districts and 31 ex officio members, the TRS will rank at 86, so it may need the support of AIMIM.

However, neither TRS nor AIMIM have said anything about forging an alliance because the outcome of a seat was not declared. Out of 150 districts, the results of 149 were declared on Friday. AIMIM has said that unless all the results are released, there is no deliberation on the mayor’s vote.

Meanwhile, the term of the current GHMC will end in February 2021. Therefore, the new ward councilors will only be sworn in in February.

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