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Farmers protest: no progress yet, next meeting will be held on December 9


Even after four hours of consultation for the third time after the ‘Dilli Chalo’ protests began, the farmers and the Center were unable to reach common ground on Saturday and the next meeting will be held on December 9, ANI reported. Bharat Bandh’s proposal on December 8 will continue as announced, Bharatiya Kisan Union President Rakesh Tikait said. It has been known that the government side sought more time to present some concrete proposals to which the peasant leaders agreed.

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Before the protests began on November 26, both sides met twice to deliberate on the concerns. However, the meetings made some progress, as farmers accepted the government’s point of view on the minimum support price that will not be eliminated with the MSPs. The government also agreed to the proper registration of traders. But the discussion is hitting the wall as farmers are now harsh in their demand for a complete withdrawal of all three laws.

All eyes were on Saturday’s meeting, as farmers previously said this was the last chance and the government, on the other hand, assured that a solution will come out after Saturday’s meeting. The meeting became very important, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi was briefed on the current situation before the meeting. Earlier, Union Interior Minister Amit Shah and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh discussed the farmers’ problems.

Leaving the meeting, the leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, Rakesh Tikait, said that the government will prepare a new draft and that the future course of action will be decided on that. Meanwhile, the Bharat Bandh that the unions have summoned will be on the way, he said. “The government will prepare a draft and give it to us. They said they will also consult the states. There were also discussions on PEM, but we said that we should also adopt the laws and talk about their rollback. Bharat Bandh (on December 8) will continue as announced, ”said Tikait.

Union agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar and rail minister Piyush Goyal, who is also in charge of the food ministry, addressed Saturday’s meeting. Tomar asked the elderly and children who are in various protest sites to go home, as talks between the two sides will continue.

Farmers maintained their position at all times that they do not want amendments as the laws, they said, have been designed so that the government and companies benefit, not farmers. The leaders also said they are well equipped to continue their protest. Acts of violence will not be allowed. “The Intelligence Office will inform you what we are doing at the protest site. If the government wants us to continue on the road, we have no problem, ”said one leader.

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