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Are you aware of the news this week? – news from india


It’s probably a joke, but right now it’s a mystery. Giant triangular metal monoliths have appeared this week in Utah, Romania and California. Remember what classic sci-fi movie, in which aliens deposit vast black monoliths to guide humans to the next stage of evolution? Ask HAL 900.

No one’s making you guess a swear word. But an Austrian city will change its name starting next year to stop tourists from stealing its road signs. The CK is replaced by GG, but it sounds very similar. The new name?

Perfumers describe its fragrance as “smooth, warm, smooth and creamy.” It is often the base note of woody perfumes. Australian aborigines even eat its fruit. Now, Mysore Palace plans to build a museum to commemorate it. What is it?

Five thousand children from across the United States applied. But the title went to Gitanjali Rao, 15, who invented a device that can detect lead in drinking water and developed an app to detect cyberbullying. It is the first title of its kind, although the adult version is more famous. Is called?

On Monday, Sandeep Kataria became the first Indian to hold the position of global CEO at a shoe company. The company has such a broad and enduring presence in India that people find it hard to believe that it was founded in what is now the Czech Republic. His sales are great, but they are never his size. The company?

Fisher Island, near Miami, USA, is the richest ZIP code in the country, where the median income is 2.2 million. It is by invitation only. Peacocks roam free there. And famous residents include Demi Moore, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the self-made African-American billionaire who visited India in 2012.

This superstar will launch a political party on December 31. He says it will be a “non-corrupt, honest, transparent and secular party” with “spiritual politics.” As a hero, he has stopped bullets in midair, played thousands of robots, and inspired a series of Chuck Norris-style pranks. WHO?

Dominique Lapierre and Javier Moro’s nonfiction bestseller Five Past Midnight in Bhopal will soon be adapted into a series. What industrial disaster, often called the world’s deadliest, does it describe?

The first recorded occurred during the Peloponnesian War, killing two-thirds of the population as it passed through Libya, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Athens. The deadliest killed nearly 200 million in all of Europe in 1300. It’s Merriam Webster’s word of the year. Put on the mask, wash your hands and guess.

Dharampal Gulati, who died on Thursday at age 97, was among the highest-paid consumer goods CEOs of consumer goods in India, earning up to Rs 21 million in 2018. You know his face (turban, mustache, glasses and pearl necklace) for your product labels. . What three-letter mark did it represent?

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