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A jubilant BJP celebrates his impressive performance in the Hyderabad polls | India News


NEW DELHI: A jubilant BJP celebrated its dramatic success at Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) as “historic,” and already seemed to be preparing to fill opposition space if TRS and MIM decide to break the deadlock in the municipal body by joining hands and show your success by making a breakthrough in hitherto difficult terrain.
“The historical result of the BJP in the Hyderabad GHMC elections shows that the people of the country support the development agenda only and exclusively. This result reflects the unequivocal support of the people for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance and development model, ”said BJP chief JP Nadda.
He said the GHMC results show a rejection of “dynastic, corrupt and appeasement policies.” “Thanks to the people of Hyderabad for their faith and support,” added Nadda.

The party’s general secretary, Bhupendra Yadav, in charge of the GHMC polls, ruled out partnerships with TRS to break out of the stalemate. “We fight the corruption charges against TRS and the divisive politics of the MIM. We will comply with the verdict and fulfill our duties in the broader interest of the people, ”Yadav said.
Friday’s result, which saw BJP pull off an impressive feat by taking his tally from 4 to 48, just 7 short of TRS, marked another example of the leadership’s seemingly risky tactic that paid off.
Few in political circles seemed to believe the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah when he declared that the BJP would ensure that Prime Minister KC Rao would end unlimited control of the municipal corporation.
However, Shah and party chairman Nadda were convinced that the party’s campaign against “dynasty rule” and “corruption” under TRS and the strident “secular” rhetoric of the MIM had created the right climate for the Energetic head of the state unit Bandi Sanjay will pay dividends.
Yadav drew attention to the way the party was mocked for its ambition. “People attacked the BJP for giving undue importance to municipal elections. But we maintained that we are fighting for development at all levels of governance and it is the people of Hyderabad who got our message, ”he said.
The impressive performances come in the wake of the party’s success in the Lok Sabha polls when it surprised many by winning four seats and the shame it inflicted on TRS last month by winning the by-elections for an assembly seat that was considered to be part. from the bastion of TRS’s “first family”. Juxtaposed with the collapse of Congress and the increasing decline of the TDP, the results may help clear the way for the party to position itself as the primary alternative to the ruling TRS and to capitalize on the “anti-incumbency” sentiment shown so vividly by the results in Hyderabad.
Party that has struggled to expand across much of the south after its success in Karnataka, it makes no bones of its happiness for its expanding footprint in what is seen as a politically inhospitable geography.
“Those who branded the BJP a northern party should take note: the BJP is everyone’s party, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari,” Yadav said.
The party is happy with the state unity, and Nadda emphasizes the role of state chief Bandi Sanjay. The election also confirmed the growing appeal of Uttar Pradesh’s CM Yogi Adityanath among the main electorate outside his home state, with Yadav citing the response the Union’s interior minister and Nadda got.
“Incredible example of true leaders leading from the front. The results of the Hyderabad elections are a victory for the democratic politics and inclusive development policy that Prime Minister Modi compared to the politics of family businesses disguised as political parties, ”Yadav added.

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