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The serial killer targeted strangers for fun. His family called him ‘Psycho Razi’: cops


His family in Bihar, by his own admission, called him “Psycho Razi,” Mohammad Razi, 22, told Gurugram police after his arrest, but it was the desire to make something of himself, to show the world that he could accomplish something, he added, that made him start killing people.

Gurugram police said Razi may have been involved in at least 10 murders in Gurugram, Delhi and Bihar. He was arrested Thursday at Gurugram’s Iffco Chowk, a week after he allegedly killed three men on three consecutive days in Sector 29 and Sector 47, police said. The investigation is ongoing and the alleged out-of-state killings have yet to be authenticated.

The CCTV images from eight cameras from all three locations had one common factor: Razi. So the police started a manhunt and on Thursday they got their man.

Razi, a resident of Khalilabad village in Bihar’s Araria district, worked as a laborer at different construction sites in Gurugram. Before moving to Gurugram in September, he worked at a roadside restaurant and guesthouse near Jama Masjid. Until July, when he moved to Delhi, he worked in Nepal, according to Gurugram Police Commissioner KK Rao.

Preet Pal Sangwan, deputy police commissioner (crime), said that Razi’s modus operandi was the same: he drank together with his victims, stabbed them, and in some cases dismembered the bodies. “He had no motive, but he revealed that he enjoyed killing people and believed it was an easy way to become famous. He is a drug addict and he used to spend money that he stole from his victims to buy alcohol, ”he said.

During questioning, he shared chilling details of his criminal past and said he began killing people in Gurugram and nearby areas in October.to “have fun” after drinking. It was only later that he started stealing them as well. His targets were people in parks and other uncrowded areas. Most of them were strangers to him.

“He boasts of having killed many strangers in the parks of Delhi and Bihar, so he had to flee those places before the police could identify him. He has named some parks in Delhi and areas in Bihar, but we have yet to identify the murder cases, ”said a police officer on condition of anonymity.

Sangwan said that Razi would be evaluated clinically and psychologically.

“He has no regrets. He said his family never supported him and always blamed him for bringing misfortune to them, “added the officer.

Razi told police that on November 23 he went to Leisure Valley Park and interacted with some people, but found no potential victims. She later met a man in his 20s who worked at a construction site and offered him a drink from the bottle he was carrying. They both finished a bottle of whiskey and Razi began to pretend he was under the influence of alcohol and stabbed the man in the neck, chest and stomach. He left him bleeding and left the park, ”Sangwan said, adding that the body has not yet been identified.

Razi also carried a bottle of water with him everywhere, to wash his hands after killing people. He would invariably revisit the crime scene, police added.

On November 24, Razi met with a security guard in Sector 40, befriended him, and offered him a drink. After several drinks, Razi stabbed the guard in the chest and stomach. He took out the guard’s wallet, mobile phone and shoes and fled. The murder occurred in a park on a green belt, police said. The deceased was identified as Akhilesh Kumar, a private company security guard who was deployed in Sector 40.

On November 25, Razi went to Sector 47 in search of his next victim; found one sleeping in an open field used to store pipes. Police said the area is right in front of the state surveillance office in Sector 47. “He smoked a joint and had a few drinks with the man,” Sangwan said. Then, he stabbed the man five times, separated the head from the body, and walked with the severed head to Kanhai village.

He reportedly told the police that he wanted to frame a friend of his for the murder. “So I threw my head near his room and went back to Sector 29 and slept that night,” Razi allegedly told police.

The police control room received a call about a beheaded body, later identified as that of Rakesh Kumar from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. The victim’s Aadhaar card was found near the body.

A special team was formed to arrest the criminal.

KK Rao, the police commissioner, said at least 20 murder cases have been recorded in the past three months, with some still unsolved. “He has been involved in some cases in Delhi, but we have yet to retrieve the details. We are coordinating with the Delhi police and a team will be dispatched to find out more about his past and the reported murder cases in the vicinity of where he worked.

Razi was brought before a court on Friday, which sent him to remand for three days.

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