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The government is fully committed to ‘reform, realize and transform’. No sector was left out of the reforms: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that the Indian diaspora around the world has put their faith in India’s resurgence by addressing the IIT 2020 Global Summit.

He said: “The Indian diaspora around the world have put their faith in resurgent India. They became ambassadors for a new India. “

He stressed that the momentum of the Indian diaspora led the world to understand India’s point of view in the right spirit.

Prime Minister Modi, addressing the IIT 2020 Global Summit, also said that under the NDA government all sectors are undergoing large-scale reforms. He said: “There is no sector left outside of our reforms. Agriculture, nuclear power, defense, education, healthcare, infrastructure, finance, banking, taxes, the list goes on. We have introduced pioneering reforms in the labor sector, assimilating 44 union labor laws into just four codes. Our corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in the world. “

The prime minister also highlighted how India used the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink its ways of doing business and referred to how India managed to attract investment during Covid-19.

He also said that the IIT student is capable of providing solutions to the problems facing the world in the post-pandemic scenario. He said that the responsibility is enormous but that IIT students are capable of undertaking this task.

Modi said: “I urge you to debate, discuss and contribute to solutions in the emerging new world. The responsibility is heavy but I know that your shoulders are capable ”.

This year’s theme for the IIT 2020 Global Summit is ‘The Future is Now’. IIT alumni members will discuss topics related to the global economy, technology, climate change and universal education.

Prime Minister Modi also encouraged attendees to contribute to the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan and said IIT alumni can guide the nation towards self-reliance. He also said that the IIT alumnus has set a “higher benchmark in giving back to India.”

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