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The government announces 2 new positions in the army with a focus on reforms


The government announced on Thursday the post of Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army, or DCOAS, (Strategy) with the aim of achieving structural reforms in the military, about two years after the plan was conceived.

The government also announced another new post of Director General (Information Warfare) at the army headquarters, confirmed an official, who is from the security establishment and is aware of developments.

This official, who requested anonymity, denied that the events were related to the situation in the Line of Royal Control (LAC).

Border tensions between India and China have reached new heights after a clash in the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh on June 15. The clash resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers, including a commanding officer, and an undisclosed number of Chinese soldiers.

The current Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), Lt. Gen. Paramjit Singh, will become the first DCOAS (Strategy), the official said.

He added that the need for this particular position had been highlighted in various surveys and studies conducted as part of the army’s restructuring efforts.

Officials said the DCOAS (Strategy) position was created to deal with military operations, military intelligence, strategic planning and operational logistics.

The process for this began in 2018 and was finally approved by the government on Thursday, the official said.

It was not immediately clear who the new Director General (Information Warfare) would be.

The measure, according to officials who know it, will have its advantages, since it will reduce the workload of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff. “The Deputy Chief already sees all of the Chief’s files … so this will reduce a task. DCOAS will oversee the work of the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) and the Director General of Military Intelligence (DGMI), ”said a second official.

Currently, the DGMO and DGMI report to the Deputy Chief. In the new structure, they are expected to report to DCOAS (Strategy).

(Retired) Lt. Gen. Deependra Singh Hooda said the move will ensure that only one person (DCOAS) is in charge of military and intelligence operations. “So you get a complete picture,” he said. “It is a good idea as it will allow for better operational planning.”

The creation of the position of Director General (Information Warfare) is seen as a recognition of emerging trends in warfare. “Before, there was only one ADGPI (Additional General Directorate of Public Information) who looked at things through the lens of the media,” said Lieutenant General Hooda. “Now this new officer will work on how to deal with false narratives and all kinds of current challenges it poses.”

But there were also criticisms in some sectors. “When you don’t even have a formal security strategy, what is the goal of the new position (DCOAS)?” said Lieutenant General HS Panag. “There will be someone managing strategy in the military, someone in the navy and someone in the air force. And all will go without a rudder. “

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