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Statement in SC: Farmers block emergency services at Delhi borders | India News


NEW DELHI: While farmers have remained on Delhi’s borders for more than a week amid talks between their leaders and the Center, a Delhi resident has asked the Supreme Court to request their immediate expulsion as they “are blocking roads to hinder the emergency. ” medical services”.
Rishabh Sharma said in her statement through advocate Omprakash Parihar that the expulsion of farmers from their protest sites was also necessary in light of fears of the community spread of COVID-19.
The statement cited a rapid rise in Covid-19 cases in Delhi, and that protests were hampering the movement of people who frequently traveled to Delhi from different states for treatment at the capital’s large government hospitals.
“That the people affected by such irresponsible acts of the protesters, and the state is not in a position to dismiss these protesters as they are huge in number and this protest is causing a lot of problems for the citizens of India, so the petitioner is presenting this PIL before this court, “said the plea.
The statement claimed that more than 3 lakh farmers had gathered on the Delhi borders and were protesting against the new agricultural laws, despite the government’s warning against public gatherings of no more than 50 people.
The petitioner urged the high court to issue instructions for the immediate elimination / dispersal of such mass concentrations of protesters on the Delhi borders and transfer them to the location already assigned by the Delhi police in view of the immediate threat of the spread of the coronavirus infection. .
“The lives of thousands of protesters at the Delhi borders are at immediate risk as the virus is highly contagious and if by chance this disease takes the form of community spread, it will wreak havoc in the country,” the statement added.

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