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Mumbai offers the highest quality of life, Chennai treats its women better: Study | India News


NEW DELHI: There’s a reason cities are talked about organically. They arise, grow and prosper, or wither and die. But for decades, the way a city treats its people has been judged by an idea of ​​urban experience that is far removed from the lives we lead. Now, IIT-Bombay researchers have developed an urban quality of life index adapted to the reality of life in India. And, for the first time, they have taken gender parity into account. Chennai, it turns out, is the friendliest for women and Patna the least.
Overall, Mumbai tops the list of 14, closely followed by Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. But the gender role index is so important that the quality of life rankings of six cities would have changed if it had not been taken into account: Delhi, Jaipur and Indore would have ranked higher, and Mumbai, Bhopal and Lucknow would have given up their posts. Only Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai exceed the average score for the gender index, while Indore, Jaipur, and Patna are well below average.
“Women experience cities differently; Meeting the needs of women becomes essential to promote sustainable urban development, ”says the document, which will be published in Elsevier magazine ‘Transport Policy’. The study found that Jaipur has the highest crime rate against women, Chennai has the lowest. The gap in the literacy rate between men and women is the widest in Jaipur (13.2%) and the lowest in Kolkata (5.4%). The unemployment rate for women is the highest in Patna: at 346, it’s more than four times the urban average of 73.
Another factor that is often overlooked is the basics: energy, water, education. Only 36% of urban households in Patna have access to treated tap water. Literacy was the highest in Pune (91%) and surprisingly the lowest in Hyderabad (83%).

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