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Former convener of AAP Goa unit, general secretary resigned, alleges party is now compromised


Former State Party convener Aam Aadmi Elvis Gomes and former Secretary General Pradeep Padgaonkar, along with a group of volunteers, resigned from the party’s main membership claiming it was being remotely controlled from Delhi bypassing local leadership and had abandoned its fundamental principles for a long time.

Gomes, who was the appointed AAP convener prior to the 2017 legislative assembly elections and led the party in the state for nearly five years before submitting his resignation from office in mid-September saying he was only resigning from office and not to the game, now. decided to cut all ties with AAP along with many members of his leadership team.

“Those of us who had joined the party had done so with hope, looking at the constitution, the promise of an alternative policy and the promise of the party’s declared commitment to the three Cs: there will be no communalism, corruption or criminalization. But as time went on, we began to wonder if the party was still committed to its core values ​​and, after thinking a lot, we decided that we would have to leave the party, ”said Gomes, who had left the civil service to join the party in 2016. said.

“After the Delhi elections this year, a team from Delhi has been camping in Goa as if it were their permanent destination. That was the first attack on the Goa unit, but we took it in stride. We began to wonder about our role and our autonomy in the party. We had heard of the higher ups in other parties where the people of Delhi meet people and come back. Here they came and were running a parallel unit from Goa AAP, ”he alleged.

Gomes had led the AAP team in its 2017 elections, but it fared poorly as party candidates lost their deposits in all but one of the 39 constituencies in which they contested. Gomes, who was projected as the face of CM of the match, also lost his position. to deposit.

Former AAP Secretary General Pradeep Padgaonkar alleged that the party was now open to admitting people with criminal backgrounds and willing to engage in corruption and communalism issues that made it untenable to continue in the party.

“Communalism has infiltrated the party. Now they don’t want a Catholic person to lead the party. And since they don’t want a Catholic, they are looking for a Hindu, but they still can’t find one. A person with a criminal record was admitted to the party and when local leaders questioned the party’s leadership, they were ignored, ”Padgaonkar said.

The AAP responded to the allegations by saying that they were unfounded and intended to mislead the party.

“They have made accusations to deceive people. It does not retain water. We felt that our party was lagging behind, so we strengthened it. When we declared the face of CM last time, it was also a Delhi decision. There is no high command culture in this party. It is the people who make decisions. Any decision that is made after consulting the people, ”said state convener Rahul Prabhu Mhambrey.

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