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Covid: SC Seeks Himachal Government Report on Patient Treatment


On Thursday, the Supreme Court requested a status report from the Himachal Pradesh government regarding the treatment of Covid-19 patients in different hospitals, infrastructure and facilities available there.

A bench of judges Ashok Bhushan, R Subhash Reddy and MR Shah issued a notice to the Himachal Pradesh government and asked it to submit a status report after being informed by a lawyer that there are various problems such as lack of oxygen, lack of beds in the state.

Although the caucus took note that the guidelines regarding the use of masks and the maintenance of social distancing are not followed in almost all states, it asked the Center and the states to submit suggestions in this regard so that it can issue the appropriate addresses to implement the guidelines and to ensure compliance.

“It has been pointed out that in almost all states the guidelines on the use of masks and the maintenance of social distancing are not followed. It is argued that although there are strict regulations that include the imposition of fines for not wearing masks, the desired results have not been achieved, ”the bank said in its order.

“It has also been alleged that there has been a large public rally, including political, religious, ceremonial where social distancing is a step forward and there are no adequate mechanisms to control such social gatherings,” he added.

The order says the Attorney General and other attorneys who have appeared for different states have requested time to give appropriate suggestions so that the court can issue appropriate instructions to implement the guidelines and ensure compliance.

“Suggestions can be given before December 7, 2020,” he said.

The bank was hearing a suo motu case related to the handling of the Covid-19 crisis and the mishandling of corpses.

The court has released the matter for hearing on December 9.

During the hearing, the bank remarked that “many vegetable markets where social distancing is required but not being followed, look at this from that angle – super spreader problems start from here. These are the most vulnerable points. “

Lead attorney KV Vishwanathan who came forward for the Delhi government argued that ICU beds now number 5,010.

Vishwanathan told the court that evidence has increased in Delhi.

“The cases are going down. Be monitored to the maximum. We don’t want to be adversaries, ”Vishwanathan said.

After an advocate said that prices for Covid-19 testing and treatment must be regulated in Assam, the bank said that under Article 32, it cannot regulate how much a hospital charges in the state.

Later, the court asked the Assam government to investigate whether the issue of Covid-19 treatment charges can be discussed and what can be done about the preventive measures to be taken during political rallies.

The lawyer also noted that Assam will see elections next year and mechanisms must be put in place in light of the pandemic. The bench said it will approve an order in this regard.

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