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West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Says State Government Employees Will Get 3% Increase In DA From January


Announcing a three per cent increase in the shortage allowance (DA) starting next month for government personnel, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Thursday that state coffers would never be depleted to its employees, although it had not yet received Rs 85 billion dues. from the center.

Banerjee, during his speech to members of the TMC-affiliated government employees association at the secretary of state, said that the fees payable by the Center to Bengal had been increasing over a period of time under various headings: UGC grant, GST and funds for Covid. 19 battle among others.

“We had not received our financial fees. At least Rs 8,000 crore is owed under GST. Despite financial constraints, we comply with the recommendations of all the above payment commissions (Sixth Payment Commission). We will also provide a three percent increase in DA from January 2021, ”he said.

The prime minister said that the exercise will incur an expenditure of Rs 2,200 crore in the state treasury.

“The Center has yet to settle more than 85 billion rupees in installments, but that will not stop us from giving our people their installments,” he said.

The CM further said that 9.5 lakh students from 14,000 upper secondary schools and 636 madrasas will receive free tablets for their online classes.

The tenders will launch soon to ensure students get the devices in time to prepare for their high school exams, he said.

The state has also made arrangements to ensure that RT-PCR tests are carried out at as low a rate as Rs 950, it claimed.

Noting that employees of central government organizations and companies are currently “unsafe” amid conversations about the privatization of institutions, the CM said its dispensation has never fired anyone and instead increased wages. of staff even in the midst of the pandemic.

“Employees of the railways, Coal India, SAIL and Air India currently do not feel very safe as these institutions could be closed at any time. Even artillery factories are not immune … ”he said.

The situation in the country is such that “the peasants are agitating in the streets, while the workers have lost their voice,” said Banerjee.

“I have spent more than 33 million rupees (from the state treasury) on the railways to pay the fares for hapless migrant workers, but the central government did nothing to help them return home from their places of work during the shutdown induced by Covid-19, “she said.

The CM also claimed that the Center has not handed over to the state its fees for Amphan relief and Covid-19 care.

“They are talking about corruption, even when they raised a lot of money under the PM Cares initiative but did not distribute anything,” he added.

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