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Sharad Pawar casts doubt on Rahul Gandhi’s consistency | India News


MUMBAI: Celebrations to mark the first anniversary of the Maha Vikas Aghadi tripartite government in Maharashtra caused controversy with CPN Chairman Sharad Pawar, who is also the architect of the coalition, making critical remarks about the leadership of Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi .
Pawar, who was interviewed by the editor of the Lokmat group, Vijay Darda, was answering a question about whether the country was ready to be led by Rahul Gandhi. Pawar noted that there were questions on the subject.
“There seems to be a lack of coherence, it will be necessary to see if there is acceptance within the party organization,” he said. Pawar, however, added that the rank and file of Congress still has faith in the Nehru-Gandhi family.
Regarding the comments about Rahul Gandhi in Barack Obama’s recent book, Pawar said it was not necessary for him to agree with the views expressed by the former US president. “I do not comment on the performance of the heads of foreign countries,” he said.
Reacting to Pawar’s comments, Congressional spokesman Sachin Sawant said: “We do not know in what context Pawarsaheb has given his opinion. But to be more specific, Congress and our leader Rahul Gandhi have been more consistent than any other party in their opposition to the RSS and the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi is one of the few politicians who has the uncompromising courage to speak out against the current administration in the country, especially when he is blatantly gagging the voice of the opposition, trampling on democratic norms while constitutional institutions watch helplessly, having lost his power. independence and credibility “.
Pawar also responded to the question of whether her daughter Supriya Sule can become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Her response was that she was not interested in state politics. “Since he joined politics, he has become very interested in national politics, he won several awards at the national level,” he said. As far as Maharashtra is concerned, Pawar said that the PNC has several leaders, including Ajit Pawar, Jayant Patil and Dhananjay Munde, to lead it at the state level.

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