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Marathon rescue operation in vain, boy who fell in borewell dies in hospital


A non-stop 20-hour rescue operation was in vain as a four-year-old boy was pronounced dead in hospital shortly after being pulled from a well in Budhaura village in the Mahoba district of the Bundelkhand region in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. officials said.

“The boy was unconscious and all efforts to revive him failed. He was pronounced dead after an hour (of being taken to hospital), ”said Subdivision Magistrate Mohammad Awes.

“We did everything possible to save the child. Oxygen was supplied throughout the day and cookies were passed around. Everyone is saddened by the loss, ”said District Magistrate Satyendra Kumar.

The boy had fallen into the well while playing Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, a jawan from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) moved through a parallel conduit that was constructed to reach the boy who was trapped at a depth of 36 feet in the 160 borehole. feet.

The jawan brought out the boy to the cheers of the villagers.

The boy was rushed to the Mahoba district hospital, where a team of five doctors had been on hold since Wednesday, but was pronounced dead.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Dharmendra fell into the well while playing. The incident took place when he accompanied his father Bhaghirath and his mother Kanti, who were working in a nearby field.

Bhaghirath had dug the well about nine months ago for irrigation. Since he was unable to provide water, it was closed. A stone slab was placed in the opening at the time, but someone removed it on Wednesday, police said.

The local administration quickly fixed the bulldozers and rescue work began, but ran into problems, as it was initially difficult to assess the depth at which the boy was stuck.

Two teams from the NDRF and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) were transferred to Mahoba. The teams arrived in the village of Budhaura, about 30 kilometers from the district headquarters, around midnight.

At that time, 28-foot parallel excavations had been conducted. Experts found that the boy was trapped at a depth of 36 feet. Further excavations were made to create a tunnel that was at least two feet below the point where the boy was.

At 9 am on Thursday, an NDRF jawan passed through this tunnel, which was connected to the drill hole, and managed to remove the boy.

A blanket of sadness descended on the village of Budhaura. Bhaghirath and his wife were inconsolable at losing their only son.

Neglected private wells were a big problem in the area, which is marked as a dark zone, according to Uttar Pradesh Executive Engineer Jal Nigam, S Niranjan. The dark zone refers to an area where the groundwater level is critically low.

He also said that the department was writing to the district administration to take effective action.

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