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Maharashtra farmers launch one-day protests against farm laws


Farmers from across Maharashtra marched to the offices of the tehsildars and collectors in the district to express their solidarity with the cultivators camping on the outskirts of Delhi and to demand the repeal of agricultural laws passed in September to liberalize the sector. The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), a body of more than 500 farmers’ organizations, organized the marches.

More than 80 organizations in Maharashtra are participating in Thursday’s protests. Farm workers, trade unions, bank employees, etc., also backed his solidarity marches, AIKS said.

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Ajit Navale, AIK’s Maharashtra general secretary, said they will issue a detailed statement at the end of the day.

In Mumbai, the Joint Action Committee of Trade Unions formed to coordinate the protests organized a protest in Parel.

Congressional leader Sachin Sawant said they are also holding statewide protests at the tehsil and district levels. “The protests started at 11 a.m. M. [Thursday] Morning. … party workers in large numbers are protesting at the Tehsildars offices. We have left the leaders of Congress at the district level to decide the nature of the protest.

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