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Government raises domestic flight limit from 70 to 80 percent of pre-Covid levels


The cap on the number of domestic flights that Indian airlines can operate was increased from 70% to 80% of its pre-Covid levels on Thursday, said Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri.

The minister had said on November 11 that Indian airlines can operate up to 70 percent of their domestic pre-Covid passenger flights due to prevailing demand amid the coronavirus situation.

Puri tweeted on Thursday: “Domestic operations resumed with 30,000 passengers on May 25 and have now hit a high of Rs 2.52 lakhs on November 30, 2020.” “The Ministry of Civil Aviation now allows national carriers to increase their operations from the current 70% to 80% of the capacity approved before Covid,” he stated.

The ministry had resumed scheduled domestic passenger services as of May 25, after a two-month gap due to the coronavirus lockdown. However, airlines were allowed to operate no more than 33 percent of their domestic pre-Covid flights. On June 26, this increased to 45 percent and on September 2, it increased further to 60 percent. On November 11 it was increased to 70 percent.

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