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Government plans campaign to inject confidence in vaccines | India News


NEW DELHI: Rapid development of a Covid-19 vaccine will be helpful only if people accept it, as mistrust or hesitation may impede a major public health initiative, experts and doctors said while emphasizing the benefits of vaccination vastly outweigh the effects, if any.
With concerns about adverse effects in some vaccine trials drawing public attention, the government feels the risks need to be understood and not end up fueling “vaccine vacillation” on a broader scale. Accounts, often unverified or exaggerated, that rapid trials may have missed adverse events or compromised efficacy and safety are circulating on social media in particular, prompting the Center to consider a massive campaign awareness raising to attract celebrities and political leaders.
Dr Randeep Guleria, Director of the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, said concerns related to adverse events are misplaced because large numbers of patients have been given vaccines worldwide and have not been reported. significant adverse events from no major trials thus far that raise alarm. .
“None of the vaccines have shown significant side effects, although a total of 70,000 to 80,000 people have been vaccinated if you put together the three major trials globally, including the one from AstraZeneca,” Guleria said.
The Health Ministry wants to ensure that vaccines are not subject to adverse publicity, given the urgent need to stop the disease and the seriousness of the situation that has led to close to 15 lakh deaths worldwide. Officials said there is no way to prevent new “waves” without the use of vaccines and safety measures such as the use of masks and hygiene. “For any disease, you have to do a risk-benefit analysis. The benefit of the vaccine to break the chain of transmission and reduce mortality among the high-risk group is much greater ”, added Guleria.

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